Experience world-class event planning and organization with our MICE services, expertly crafted to cater to the unique needs of the business world. From meetings to business trips, conferences to events, we deliver exceptional service and unparalleled attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of your gathering is executed to the highest standards.

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We determine the most suitable venues for your meetings. Firstly, we identify the best options based on the purpose of the meeting, number of participants, and your budget. Then, we completely customize the chosen venue according to your preferences. We meticulously plan all the details, from technical equipment to food and beverage service, to provide all the features that your meetings require.

At Mettravel, we use all the possibilities provided by technology to make your meetings more interactive. Through live streaming and web conferences, we enable all participants to attend the meeting online. Additionally, we gather feedback from participants after the meeting to measure its effectiveness. This allows us to create a better roadmap for your future meetings.


When organizing your business trips, we pay attention to every detail. By planning all aspects of your stay, including accommodation, transfers, meals, tours, meetings, and other activities, we ensure that your business trips go smoothly. We consider your business trips as an opportunity to experience different cultures. Therefore, when planning your trips, we also include activities where you can get to know the local culture.

With Mettravel, you will collect the most enjoyable memories during your business trips. While prioritizing your business meetings, we also create opportunities for you to visit different tourist attractions. With our customized travel routes, you can explore the city's most beautiful places, and get to know its historical and cultural values up close. Throughout all of this, we understand the demands of your work and complete all the necessary arrangements on time, making your business trips more productive.


At Mettravel, we plan and organize your business meetings in the best possible way. With our innovative approach and experienced team, we make your meetings efficient and successful. To provide the best service at your conferences, we consider all the details and ensure that the participants meet in a comfortable environment.

Our professional team works with you at every stage of your conferences and offers custom solutions tailored to your needs. We also provide the best support for sound and lighting systems, presentation materials, and other technical details at your conferences. Additionally, we offer specially prepared menus for your conferences to provide your participants with a delicious experience.


At Mettravel, we professionally plan and manage your exhibition organization. We provide the best service for stand design, construction, material supply, and all other details related to your exhibitions. To attract the attention of participants in your exhibitions, we create creative and impressive stand designs and increase the visual impact of the stands.

Using all the opportunities provided by technology, we meet the needs of participants in your exhibition organization in the best way possible. Our professional team works with you throughout the entire organization process, providing solutions according to your needs. We will be happy to work with our experienced team to ensure the best possible outcome for your exhibition organization.